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CSR is an abbreviation for Corporate Social Responsibility. This is something BMTEC has committed itself to. We believe that if you want to make a difference, you should begin with yourself. You can read regarding how we achieve this on our CSR page.

What is CSR 320

What is CSR? CSR is about treating the environment and people with respect. It can be summarized as the three P’s: People, Planet and Profit.

People is about being good to your people. For example, creating a pleasant working environment for employees. Or by bearing in mind, the working conditions at our suppliers for example.

Planet is regarding consciously thinking about the planet and the environment. Companies can do this by recycling and not using more resources than necessary. Or by using solar panels.

Profit is about creating economic value. Companies have to be profitable or at least break even to survive. If they aren’t, then they cannot implement the other three Ps.

BMTEC is aware of the importance of the 3 Ps. CSR is very important to us. We will explain in the following paragraph how we apply CSR in our daily operations.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

What demonstrates that we run a sustainable business? We will use the three P’s to show you:

People: BMTEC is strongly committed to helping people with fewer opportunities in the labour market. All people that fall into the job agreements are registered in the target group registry. They are unable to earn minimum wage due to a long-term illness or being a handicap. It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to work. That is why we have hired people who are registered in the target group registry.

Planet: we need to take good care of our planet. People are becoming increasingly aware of that. BMTEC contributes through recycling waste and residual materials. Before we laser cut, we use a computer for calculation in order to minimize loss of material. This saves money and prevents unnecessary waste. Then, we separate the waste. It is not possible to recycle waste unless you separate it. That is why we have a separate bin for every type of synthetic material. We use those to save the residual materials so it can be recycled.

Profit: BMTEC can laser cut, laser mark and/or laser engrave several different synthetic materials. We mainly supply these products to companies that work in the automobile industry or the engineering industry. We have been able to offer a great number of solutions for problems that companies were facing. Such as for Honeywell, as they had been facing the same problem for 15 years: there was dust on their filters. We provided them with the solution and now we supply Honeywell with dust-free filters. Through these solutions, we help other companies market better products. We currently receive a large number of orders, that we now have a 1200 m2 machine park with 6 laser machines.

BMTEC always strives to find the right balance between People, Planet and Profit. That is how we contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship.