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1200m2 machine park

More than 1000 satisfied customers

99% delivery reliability

“BMTEC supplies high-quality precision laser work to Gallagher at a fair price. BMTEC also has an excellent score with us when it comes to supply reliability and making flexible agreements. That is why BMTEC is a great, reliable partner for us to work with.”

Gallagher Europe B.V.

“We choose BMTEC because their knowledge and means in laser cutting make them the best out there to help us process are acrylate components. BMTEC combines the laser machines with skill, insight, and experiments to reach the best possible results.”

Homey B.V.

“BMTEC supplies us with very nice laser-cut synthetic parts at a fair price.
Things that used to be milled can now be produced in an efficient and burr-free way.”

Vanquish Yachts