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BMTEC supplies over 1.5 million filters to Honeywell

Commissioned by H&P Molding in Emmen, BMTEC has managed to solve a problem for Honeywell that they have been dealing with for the past 15 years. For this we had to separate 15,000 gas valve filters by laser, a process that demands the utmost precision. The result speaks for itself!

The last 15 years, Honeywell had their filters cut off their gas valves, but they weren’t happy with the quality of the cutting. In addition, this process caused dust on the filters, when a boiler should be manufactured dust free.

That is why H&P Molding went looking for an alternative for Honeywell to cut the filters loose. They asked us to cut 15,000 filters loose by laser as a test case. These test pieces were then sent to

Honeywell’s division in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and The United States of America for testing. The results of the tests demonstrated that the filters were lasered loose dust free, which means the quality can continue to be guaranteed.

BMTEC has now been commissioned by H&P Molding to supply 1.5 to 2 million filters a year to Honeywell divisions in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and USA!

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