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Laser cutting is regarded as separating material using a laser. A laser is able to heat a small surface with high precision. This allows the material to melt, burn or evaporate.

A laser is an electromagnetic radiation source. The light is transported to the cutter head via mirrors. From the cutter head, the laser goes through the lens. This clusters it together, which makes laser cutting very precise. This means it can cut in very fine lines.

The laser head moves across the material quickly. It can also easily change its direction. This is because the laser head moves freely thanks to the mirrors. The resonator (laser source) is stable, however. This not only makes laser cutting very precise but quick too.

Synthetic material laser cutting

Laser cutting synthetic material is a fast and flexible way of cutting. BMTEC can cut materials in any shape you desire. We submit this into our computer. Then we cut it for you. Our machines ensure that you receive a beautiful product that does not need second-operation machining. This saves time and money. Another advantage of laser cutting synthetic material is that there is no dust, which is one of the reasons why many of our clients chose us for an array of projects.  

Laser cutting synthetic materials

There are also other ways to cut synthetic materials, such as water cutting. Water cutting machines cannot cut all types of synthetic materials. In addition, the pressure of the water cutting machines can lead to the movement of certain materials, Since you cannot secure small pieces. 

We have consciously chosen laser cutting machines. We are convinced that this is the best way to cut synthetic materials. It also has many advantages, such as precision and speed. We have 6 laser cutting machines in our machinery pool.  Every day, our experts cut synthetic materials with these top-notch machines.  

Cost of laser cutting

Do you wish to know more about the cost of laser cutting? This depends on the choice of material and quantity. Request a free  quote.  We are happy to help, from design to production. The BMTEC experts are available to answer your questions within 24 hours. If you have an idea, for example, but you’re struggling to choose between all types of synthetic materials. We are well informed and can tell you about the pros and cons of all the different types. That is why we can give you the best advice. That way, there are no unnecessary costs for laser cutting.

Calculate your price

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The advantages

  • Fast and flexible
  • Saving time
  • High cutting speed
  • Small cutting width
  • Burr-free cut
  • Smooth cut without oxide formation
  • Hardly any heat influence on the product. This makes it easier to maintain product tolerance


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