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Being a good fit would lead to the creation of the best products. We are active in the industries listed below, amongst others. Read more about it by clicking on your industry.

Machine building

Machine builders all over the Netherlands have their synthetic product parts cut with us. We supply synthetic parts for packaging machines within the food industry, like those that package meat and vegetables. In addition, we laser-cut synthetic product parts for the waste and recycling industry, transport industry, and semiconductor industry.

Together with our clients, we also conduct feasibility assessments and work on the development of machines. We do the 0 series as well as the series that follows. In addition to manufacturing products, we advise which materials are most suitable for the project.

Yacht and ship building

BMTEC is very active in the luxury yacht and ship building industry. We laser-cut synthetic product parts for companies like Royal Bodewes and Vanquish Yachts. Our knowledge and experience allows us to advise companies in the yacht building industry on their choice of materials. In addition, we advise the engineers on the feasibility of certain products. We make sure our clients know in advance how to design a synthetic product part that is possible to create. This not only speeds up the entire process, but it also leads to a significant decrease in costs.

Automobile industry

For the automobile industry, like VDL and Brink Groep, we cut their synthetic product parts. We don’t always laser-cut these from plate material – we also use existing injected molded parts, that we modify with a laser machine or to which we add an extra modification. In some cases, we can save having to acquire a new injection mold this way!

Medical industry

For the medical industry we cut lots of packaging materials, such as POM or HDPE packaging. We also laser cut and bend protective covers out of PET-G. In addition to regular bends, we also bend protective covers in different radiuses. We design and produce our own molds out of POM for this.

Energy industry

For the energy industry, we laser-cut packaging out of HDPE or POM. In addition, we cut more than three million synthetic filters for Honeywell each year. We introduced a custom solution for this. Our filters go to the Czech Republic, Hungary, and the USA.


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