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Polyamide PA

Polyamide (PA) is known under trade names such as Ertalon, Akulon, Nylatron, Orgamised, and Orgasol. The material has extremely strong technical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties and is used in virtually every industry. This synthetic material is very suitable for mechanical parts that will be exposed to shock loads and heightened temperatures.

Laser cutting polyamide

Polyamide is easily cut up to 3 millimeters. Complex shapes and product parts are easily produced.

Why polyamide?

  • Good chemical resistancy
  • Resistance against aging and exhaustion at high temperatures
  • Maintains its toughness even in low temperatures
  • Suitable for drives (sprockets, clutches, and chain tensioners)
  • Suitable for mechanical parts
  • Low voltage switch gear (power distribution)
  • Suitable for electrical parts (switches)

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