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POM laser cutting

Polyoxymethylene, also known as polyacetal or POM, is highly suitable for laser cutting. BMTEC processes it up to a thickness of 15 millimetres. We work with POM C (copolymer) and POM H (homopolymer). Besides POM laser cutting, we also offer laser engraving and laser marking. This means we deliver the whole package: laser cutting POM and applying codes as well as serial numbers through engraving and marking.

Laser cutting POM for machine use requires precision, something we at BMTEC pride ourselves in. Moreover, we are an excellent partner because we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We strive to provide the highest standard in quality, service and reliability.


Polyoxymethylene is a highly strong and hard plastic, which means it is suitable for use as an alternative to steel. The advantages of working with polyoxymethylene are the fact that it doesn’t oxidize and you need next to no oil. This is why it’s used in the machine-building and automotive industry, as well as yacht- and shipbuilding. We laser cut polyoxymethylene for many of these industries.


POM C (copolymer) and POM H (homopolymer) have different properties. POM C is characterized by its high density, hardness and strength. POM H is an electrical insulator and has excellent machining properties. Are you looking for a POM with low friction qualities? Choose POM H with added PFTE . Our experts at BMTEC would love to tell you more about these products. Contact us without obligation. We would love to answer all your questions regarding laser cutting, laser engraving or laser marking POM C and POM H materials.


POM sold by various names, such as Delrin. Many customers know it as such. This is why we are often asked as to whether we laser cut Delrin, instead of POM. Naturally, we also offer Delrin laser cutting.

Delrin was established by DuPont, an American company. They have developed and produced many other plastics. Such as, the polymers Nylon (PA) and Teflon (PTFE). Besides Delrin, we also laser cut these products and many other types of plastics.

Food grade laser cutting

If you are looking for food grade materials to laser cut, POM C is most suitable. It can come into contact with food items and is able to withstand high temperatures and moist conditions. Food grade materials can be used for machines in the food industry. Food grade POM C is available in different colours, such as blue, yellow or red. To ensure that you receive the highest quality materials, have your food grade plastics laser cut by a professional.

Polyoxymethylene characteristics

Characteristics of polyoxymethylene are:

  • High mechanical strength and stiffness
  • High resilience – Doesn’t absorb moisture
  • Electrical insulation properties
  • High rigidity
  • Great dimensional stability
  • Shock resistant
  • Heat resistant (105 °C to 120 °C)
  • Food safe
  • Low friction coefficient

Due to these properties, polyoxymethylene is used in gears, fine mechanical parts and for food grade materials. Because of our knowledge, we are experts in laser cutting POM. Contact us without obligation, we would love to tell you all there is to know about polyoxymethylene.

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