Mitsubishi Outlander charging stations – Dust free screens

VDL Wientjes in Emmen produces the synthetic screens for Mitsubishi Outlander charging stations. When milling off the screen’s sprue, they have found a lot of the dust ends up on the glass plate. That is why they approached BMTEC to come up with a solution for this problem. We have managed to find a solution and have recently begun this project.

Polycarbonate laser cutting

The sprue of a screen is produced by a type of synthetic material called polycarbonate (PC). The test phase showed us that no dust stays behind on the screen when laser cutting polycarbonate. VDL has approved the test products and given us the assignment.
In the Netherlands, BMTEC is one of the few companies that can laser cut polycarbonate in a very controlled manner. Because of this, we proudly distinguish ourselves from our competition.